Root District Music and Arts Fair

Come join your neighbors and friends for an evening of music, art and a pot-luck dinner

June 18, 2023, 6:00

After a long winter, the time has come to enjoy our wonderful neighborhood schoolhouse. Years ago, neighbors and friends from the area would join together for pot-luck dinners and music at the schoolhouse. We are hoping to continue this tradition. On Saturday, June 18th at 6:00 pm, the Root District Schoolhouse will be open to all.

Pot Luck Dinner

The tradition continues with a pot luck dinner. We are hoping guests will bring something to eat and to share with their neighbors. If you remember to bring a plate and some flatware that would be great but please don’t worry, we will accommodate all. Labels with the name of the creator/cook and a rough description of the ingredients in the dish would be much appreciated.

Visual Arts Displays

There are talented visual artists and crafts people in Norwich. We are hoping that people and children of all ages and abilities will be willing to share a piece or two of their work for display at the schoolhouse for the evening. Paintings, sculpture, fabric and art of all types are welcome. Please Note: This is not a commercial environment and nothing will be for sale. It’s just for fun! Please be certain to label your work with your name.

Open Mic Music

There are also talented performance artists in the area and we are hoping that people will come and perform. Nathan Margolis will mix sound and host an “open mic”. Basic musical sound equipment will be available. All styles of music, comedy, magic and performance art are welcome. As with the visual arts, professional talent is not required, just a willingness to share material you may have been working on over the past few years! If you would like to be involved, join with others or just need a little backup, please reach out to Nathan:

He will be organizing people to ensure sound quality, a nice collection of material, and smooth transitions.

In the past, these events have provided a wonderful opportunity for people to meet and catch up with people in the area. Everyone is welcome! If you have any suggestions, are willing to help, or just want information please contact Nathan at the email address above.

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