Thank you to all the volunteers who have lent a hand!

Over the last year, volunteers have helped with: mailings, grant writing, fundraising, installing basement insulation, cutting dead trees, removing old tangled wire fencing, replacing sheet fence, mowing the lawn, raking, seeding and mulching, digging out blackberry bushes, weed whacking, wiping down walls, washing woodwork, vacuuming and washing floors, removing mouse nests, organizing events, consulting, planting and helping in many other ways!

We invite you to help bring the Schoolhouse back to life by supporting it with your time, talent, ideas, and energy. If you would like to join us, please send an email to: vtrootschoolhouse@gmail.com.

Recent volunteers included: Roger Arnold, Bill Clauson, Ann Cousins, Bridget Cushman, Paul Derksen, Courtney Dobyns, Gunny Harboe, Hog Wash Farm, Tom Johnson, Rye Keller, Joyce Knights, Nancy LaRowe, Jean Lawe, John Lawe, Stephen Lawe, Spencer Lawe, Mary Layton, Nancy Osgood, Morgan Peach, Sam Scheu, Tricia Spellman, David Taplin, Carla Vincent, Suzie Wallis, Heidi Webster, Leah Wolk-Derksen, and Dave Yesman.

Thanks to the leaders and volunteers of the Root Schoolhouse over the years:

Jean and George Astley, Wendy Beck, Ken and Lisa Cadow, Brian Cook, Irma Cook, Ruth and Sidney Cook, Kristen Graham and Tom Hulleberg, Calvin and Joyce Knights, Barbara and Robert, Fred Ladd, John and Jean Lawe, Suzanne Lupien, Suzie Wallis, and the Boy Scouts.  There have been many many more people since 1952 not mentioned here but all are deeply appreciated!  Some of those individuals are gone but not forgotten.

A special thanks to the present and past members of the board who have dedicated their time and energy to the renovation project:

Courtney Dobyns, President; Mary Layton, Vice-President; Tricia Spellman, Treasurer; Carla Vincent, Secretary; Board Members: Nancy LaRowe, Jean Lawe, John Lawe, and Suzie Wallis. Past Board Members: Peter Brink, Brian Cook, and John Vincent