Below are photos of the restoration work and various events dating from

2018 to 2021

National Historic Registry Sign, August 2021

Front Porch Railing Installed, August 2021

Front porch railing fabricated and installed by Rye Keller

ADA Access Parking Work, July 2021

The ADA parking spot and driveway are completed by Graham Webster before days of rainy weather.

Visioning Session, May 2021

Logo and letterhead designed by Cecily Anderson

The Root Schoolhouse board met for the first time in person since Covid at the schoolhouse for a visioning session with neighbor, Holly Kania.

First Annual Pie Sale, October 2020

The first Annual Pie Sale Event was a great success! Neighbors got to socialize at a distance and peak inside the schoolhouse.

Schoolhouse Restorations, Summer 2020

It was a summer of many successful projects from the window restoration, new wiring, a new coat of paint, a new ADA access door to piers laid for the ramp.

Root Schoolhouse Annual Meeting and Potluck, October 2019

This was a fun event held at the Norwich Historical Society with good food, great company and a review of a successful year.

Norwich Parade, September 2019

The Root Schoolhouse collaborated with the Norwich Historical Society and the Beaver Meadow Schoolhouse on a one-room schoolhouse parade float.

Norwich Fair, July 2019

Jean and John Lawe, Suzie Wallis and Courtney Dobyns had a booth at the Norwich Fair displaying a model of the Root Schoolhouse.

Schoolhouse Foundation Renovation, Summer 2019

It was amazing to see the schoolhouse lifted up off the ground in order to remove the old crumbling foundation. With the drainage from the hillside finally addressed the new foundation will last another hundred years.

Root Schoolhouse Annual Meeting and Potluck, October 2018

2018 Board Members: Carla Vincent, Susie Wallis, Mary Layton, John Vincent, Courtney Dobyns, Tricia Spellman,
Jean Lawe and John Lawe

The Root Schoolhouse met at the Norwich Historical Society to brainstorm and socialize at its annual gathering.